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Hello, my name is Mia. 

 Whether you've seen me perform, found an alluring photo me elsewhere, laughed at a terrible joke I've made on Twitter or stumbled upon me by chance - whichever path has lead you to me, welcome. 

A few titles can be used to describe me. Writer, dancer, student are some examples. Independent escort is another. Heartthrob would be my favourite.  I am unashamedly myself.

My strong sense of intuition makes meeting new people and learning their stories fulfilling experience. I'm naturally versatile, evoking pleasure wherever I go. Together we can indulge in wild, explorative sex and endless, salacious evenings. You will see I am sensuous and affectionate, that I exude passion.

I'm turned on by uncovering people's hidden character and fulfilling fantasies… do you have a desire that we can realise? I'm non judgemental, sexually curious (sometimes insatiable) and playful.

I crave ephemeral connections as much as seeing people on a regular basis, and creating quasi affairs.

I enjoy taking baths and stretching - I'm sure you'll enjoy my dewy skin and lightly toned figure. Skip your next gallery visit, and explore the work of art that is my body instead. My defining feature is my authenticity, or my tendency to be wet with enthusiasm.

If you'd like to know a little more about me here is a recent interview by the German escort directory Kaufmich. 

If you would like to subscribe to my Only Fans, you can find me here

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